This is my collection of thoughts, experiences and dreams. A place for my articles, illustrations, books and events.

Before embarking on my new writing career I owned and ran my own businesses (a few cafe’s and one bookstore), worked in business management roles, travelled far & wide and studied Fashion Design.

Writing about travel & personal development is a natural progression for me as I have always been a searcher/explorer (both externally and internally). Forever processing my thoughts, fears, desires and dreams. Forever curious and excited by the world we have to create in and explore.  My new adventure in writing comes with some serious life experience behind me that I’m ready to share; the many discoveries I’ve made along the way that I hope will be of benefit!

The only way I have found to truly enjoy and fully appreciate the beauty of the external world is to do the internal processing necessary to keep growing in love and openness. I’m also still growing, still curious, still exploring!

The constants in my life that I continually draw inspiration from are my two children, travel, adventure, wellbeing, friendships, and creative pursuits. Keeping myself busy with a life lived in curiosity and joy is what I most wish to share; inspiring a conversation about authentic living and creating community engagement.

My passions fill my minutes, hours and days and these are the stories that I share through writing and photography. Join me by signing up to my mailing list and follow me on instagram for the visual journey!

With love,

Rachel x