Trust is many things! Moving forward in love, allowing ourselves to heal day by day, using our intuition, being kind to ourselves, seeking help, not fixating on outer circumstances, knowing who we are and continuing to create during any time of difficult change!

I have learnt the hard way to trust and some days I have it and then it just disappears. This is why we need to have self-care as a priority in life, so in the times of confusion and fear we have practices, people and places we can turn to.

This is my latest article for Rebelle Society!

Walk in the Unknown with Me!

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I have recently had to experience a depth of pain and suffering I never wish to experience again. I found myself in dark dark place of sorrow and anger. It’s not my first time here is this space but it is definitely the most acute emotional pain I have ever known.

I’ll bring all this darkness to the light; there isn’t another option for me but it is incredibly hard. My latest article for Rebelle Society details my journey so far.

I hope it helps in some way if you find yourself in the same experience of darkness xx

Wrangling with our Shadow Side


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