I have travelled to many incredibly beautiful locations around the world and I expected Tasmania to rate highly in my heart but I had no idea how deeply I would connect with the wild spaces I encountered here.

With adventure in mind I spent six days immersed in the natural surroundings which centred me in a way I’ve never before experienced. The air is the freshest I’ve encountered, the waters as clear and as beautiful as I’ve ever seen, the changing landscapes spectacular.

The first four days were hiking the Three Capes Track in Tasmania’s South East region. My encounters with contrasting landscapes and wildlife of the land and sea created a journey of many extraordinary moments. The track takes you through coastal heathland, Eucalypt and rainforests and I finished each day at well equipped eco huts built by the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service.

The changing landscapes along the track kept me engaged with the environment and centred by the sounds of nature. The rugged coastline truly is breathtaking and encourages many stops to sit in silence and absorb the beauty. Encounters with wildlife and a gorgeous variety of wildflowers centred me in the moment and left me feeling truly alive.

I was completely immersed and engaged with the environment for the entire time; the best little pilgrimage I’ve ever made. The forth day finished at Fortescue Bay where I threw myself into the cool but refreshing water, feeling a childlike joy and grateful heart for the journey just finished.

To balance out my body after four days of hiking I spent two days kayaking around Coles and Hazards Bay. The weather picture perfect, the waters calm and clear, the scenic feast unending!

At the end of the first day, camp was set up in a private location in the Hazards Bay. The perfect spot to swim, snorkel and watch an epic sunset. This was one of the most beautiful days I have ever experienced and day two of kayaking delivered more of the same.

There are no words to describe the depth of love and gratitude I feel for my time in Tasmania. I would suggest if you need a short pilgrimage to reset your head and heart you find your way there and absorb the beauty. It will deepen your experience of the power of nature.

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The past 18 months of my life have been a testament to this idea. Faced with a major life change that gutted me and left me in utter despair, there was nothing left but to empty myself of my pain and begin to rebuild.

I had to rebuild everything I thought I knew about myself. I had to rebuild all the ideas in my head about how my life was going to play out. I had to rebuild a deep connection to my heart and soul to work out how the hell I was going to move forward in love.

Disrupt the Fear written for Rebelle Society

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