I have incorporated yoga into my self-care regime for many years but really only started committing regularly in the past two years. I’m so happy that I saw the need to create a safe space for myself to process pain and chose yoga to facilitate it. The benefits have been numerous!

This article was written for Rebelle Society: Yoga for your Happily Ever After

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Hillary Boles

My latest article for Elephant Journal. For me its about the beautiful consequences of solo travel. It was a time of unexpected beauty and love for life. A new path of self-love and acceptance was shown to me. I didn’t embrace this and live it straight away but this time in Alaska did show me the way. I have followed it slowly over the past 19 years and I am eternally grateful that life gave me the chance to see things differently!
Embracing the Healing Gifts of Solo Travel

Original Image: Hillary Boles/Flickr

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